Functions of Art from Wood Castoff Products Win Leading Honors


The clothes hamper in the main restroom is a multi-color gambling establishment slots. The living-room CD cabinet is an old-fashioned, intense red-and-white Coca-Cola dispenser. A wall light was as soon as a gas pump.

Go into Willem van der Heyden’s Chino Valley house and you will be surrounded by uncommon masterpieces, a virtual museum of recyclable or engineered timber, metal, material, even Styrofoam and old brass pipes components in custom showcases to display the pieces.

A U.S. Vietnam Navy veteran turned steel-mill electrical contractor has more than the past couple of years end up being an acclaimed wood, metal and Styrofoam carver and painter whose art is made from scraps he discovers at scrap lawns, yard sales, and lumber backyards. His genius remains in taking odd parts, consisting of disposed of band and orchestra instruments, and reviving exactly what is jaw-dropping wall art and furnishings.

The self-avowed macho man who cruises, hunts, fishes and wields bow saws and sanders with aplomb engraved a newborn infant into the center of among his blended collage-style wood hangings. On the wall of his bedroom, with his all handmade wood furnishings painted a soft red with inlaid flowers and vines, is a sculpting with the Christian fish sign and Jesus with his crown of thorns embossed into the base.

With humbleness, van der Hayden explains his late-in-life restorative pastime as “practical art.”

Among 8 kids born to Depression-era moms and dads in Holland, van der Heyden stated his household had no cash for music or art lessons. New shoes were a treasure.

The nearly 70-year-old pertained to the United States in 1957. His household started in Ohio and after that transferred to Virginia and on to Erie, Pennsylvania, his moms and dads constantly looking for the next best chance.

He got in the United States Navy right from high school, not yet an American person. He did one trip in Vietnam as part of a mobile river force.

After his discharge in 1969, he accepted a task in a Pennsylvania steel mill. Due to the fact that electrical experts made 7 cents more than a plumbing technician apprentice, the then-father of the very first of his 2 children, Alicia and Janelle– he now likewise has 7 grandchildren aged 22 to 8– trained as an electrical expert. It was his profession up until retirement at age 62.

Hectic making a life for his household, van der Heyden didn’t have much time for other pastimes. As an empty nester, however, he began to check out the more imaginative side of his character.

Constantly helpful, van der Heyden discovered his present in shaping wood, metals and other products into elaborate wall hangings. He might not manage unique tools and woods, so he rather gathered scraps and bonded them together into screens he discovered appealed not just to his eye however to that of others. He never ever considered himself a business artist, and still does not, though he has actually offered a few of his handmade furnishings under beautiful timber frames. He did one big commission for an Ohio symphony hall, among his musical instrument-inspired pieces, “Sonatina,” which stands 12 feet high and is six-feet large in a display showcase.

The majority of his art, however, he either trades with other artists or offers as presents to loved ones.

In October, van der Heyden won his most prominent bestow his wood, musical instrument collage he entitled, “Calliope.” The piece won him first place in the woodworking department at the National Veterans Administration Creative Arts Celebration kept in Jackson, Mississippi; he was picked after very first winning top place at the yearly Innovative Arts Celebration held at the Northern Arizona Veterans Affairs Healthcare System in Prescott.

In this year’s celebration that concluded on Friday, van der Heyden won second-place rewards for another musical instrument woodcraft along with a three-dimensional Styrofoam color burst of worlds he developed after hearing a poem about the “Huge Bang.” He likewise sent among his very first paintings, a night sky landscape of Jerome.

“It’s sensational work,” stated a pleased VA team member Darryl Silvius.

The VA Entertainment Therapist stated van der Heyden is “filled with imagination, and a cool man.” Asked how he develops concepts, van der Heyden stated it is an “endless procedure.” He is continuously making psychological notes of exactly what may become his next creative venture.

Like somebody reading Braille, van der Heyden stated he feels his method through his art, the journey more important than exactly what is often an unforeseen location. And exactly what he sees might not be exactly what somebody else sees. He points out a verse from “Hamlet” as his individual slogan: “This above all, to thine own self-hold true.”