Coastal Interior Design Ideas


Combining the rustic comfort of a beachfront shack with all the relaxed glamour of a luxury escape, these interior design ideas complement Australia’s laid-back coastal regions in addition to harbour- and beach-side houses in and near town. Modern and light-filled, areas with interior design components that adopt seaside living and bring the beach to your home with styling and coastal furniture.


To bring warmth and comfort to the cooler colours associated with coastal home interiors, use lots of soft furnishings, such as throws, cushions, rugs and wall hangings.

Concerning ornaments, consider items which might have washed ashore or make a marine mention: blue, white and gray coral; shells (such as nautilus, red helmet and tiger cowries); gnarled bits of driftwood; baskets and mats made of woven grass or strand; hurricane lamps; an old oar or boat’s steering wheel; a telescope; or a marine map.


Timber works well in such surroundings, be it weathered, stained or painted white. Consider timber dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, bookshelves, stools, side tables and bed heads — any room in the home may benefit from a gorgeous wood finish.

Couches should be plump and comfy — calico and lace fabrics add great texture. Adding an upholstered chaise, leather ottoman or rustic wooden armchair can add personality and extra room for guests and family.


For the walls, painted weatherboard or a woven wall covering such as seagrass background can add a decorative element to what’s basically a pared-back style.

Try painted or polished floorboards in high-traffic locations, while tiling is the most practical in wet places. In bedrooms and living rooms, natural woven rugs — made from sisal, seagrass or wool — add warmth and comfort.

Using natural substances found in coastal regions — such as granite and limestone for tiles and bench tops — joins the house into the surrounding atmosphere.


White is the protagonist in a coastal interior design, representing sea foam and the snowy sand. Steer clear of whites with an excessive amount of yellow in them, since this can make an antique feel instead of a new, light-filled finish. Shades of white may operate on the walls, ceiling and flooring.

Coastal colours such as blues, greys and aquas are also common. To soften the colour scheme, use carpets and rugs in sand, taupe, brown or cream colours.

There are really a large number of choices available to purchase or to hand make to make a terrific beachfront space which will leave you and your guests feeling as though they are in a beach house. Linen and other soft bits are another consideration to consider making a space feel as if you are at the beach. Be careful however, since it can be overdone, coastal interior design style is its best when they’re in small, intricate pieces and a few hero bits also.